Athens, 17th of November 2004
Dear Visitor,

You came across the homepage of Fotis Georgatos, who never forgets of his inspiring island, Kefalonia.
I thank you for passing by, and I hope you have a good time.

There is a fair chance you want to visit my old homepage, which resides at the department
where I obtained my first degree, namely Computer Engineering and Informatics by year 1999.
I hold fond memories of that era, since it was both very pleasing and fruitful.

Most people know me from my activism in favor of Open Source Software - Linux in particular -,
and a multitude of websites or documents that I either contribute to, or I am the initial author of:
Also, here is a link to an adjunct webpage related to where I worked and what I am currently doing.

When I am not that busy, I have a strong tendency to travel; my best transit so far has been Corsica by far!
I get fascinated by languages in general, both Natural ones as well as Artificial (ie. programming).
Favourite demigods of thought and science for me are Noam Chomsky and Donald Knuth.
Favourite poets I enjoy reading from time-to-time are Nazim Hikmet and Nikos Kavvadias.

Fotis <>